Bill Clinton's and Hillary Clinton's Legacy
Do Not Forget All the Lies
I created this website to remind people that the Clinton's can never be trusted.


I erased my email server so you can't see what I did.
What is Hillary hiding?

We can only hope Hillary will go to jail for failing to archive her Secretary of State emails.   If that was not bad enough, Hillary then erased her private email server to hide her actions.   I learned long ago that when it comes to a Clinton, you do not need to prove wrong doing.   You only need to have suspecions.   You know they did it.

At this point, what difference does it make?
Hillary's Lack of Action Killed US Citizens

I'll tell "What Difference it Makes", life or death of the United States citizens in Benghazi!   Hillary's lack of action and political agenda caused American's to die in Benghazi.   Now Hillary wants to be President, after all it is her turn.   Problem is, people are just stupid enough to elect her.

The Big Lie
Hillary was in direct communication with Mr. Hicks on the Benghazi terrorist attack.   Hillary knew this was a terroritst attack.   Will we ever find out who ordered the military to stand down?

No Man Left Behind, unless you are Hillary
Hillary, as Secretary of State, was directly responsible for the Emabssy in Benghazi.   Her failure to take action and send in a military force to protect those people is the same as murder.   In fact, she most likely ordered the removal of military support during the atatck.   The U.S. never leaves a man behind, unless Hillary is in charge.

Rand Paul said it best, NO to President Hillary!
"We've been asking for months to interview those who were there.   How can we try to prevent something like this from happening again if we don't exactly know what happened and what went wrong there.   The one thing that we do know for certain is that Hillary Clinton when she was asked, 'did you read the cables asking for more security there,' and when she said no that really alarmed me".

"The person in charge of the State Department never read any of the cries for help, any of the pleas for help.   And then her department denied these requests for enhanced security, and that I think is really a dereliction of duty and should preclude her from holding any kind of position where she would be in that kind of authority again".

I am a Liar!

Don't Trust Me!

Hillary was so desperate to achieve power she went to extreme means to get your vote.   Hillary cried on National Television in order to get the women's vote.   Now Bill and Hillary are playing the race card to fracture the black vote.   This woman is very dangerous.   Hillary will do anything to get elected.

Hillary's quip "the willing suspension of disbelief" is typical.   Never mind that she was calling a highly decorated United States General a liar.   This is exactly how Hillary is going to treat you and me if she should become president.   She is going to lie, deceive and redefine terms.

Illegal acts by Hillary:

  • Hillary made $100,000 on a highly speculative investment.   She did this by having a broker reassign profitable investments to her name and away from other investors.   Back then you did not need to have a name on an investment, there was a floating period.   A broker cheated someone else and gave Hillary the profits.   Just like Hillary, take money from whom ever you can.
  • Hillary hid the Rose Law Firm documents from Kenneth Star until a few days before Star was to report on his investigations.   By then it was too late to do anything about the illegal activities of Hillary under the name of the Rose Law Firm.
  • Hillary held illegal meetings trying to establish National Health care.   She was not an elected official, she did not have the right to conduct secret governmental meetings to set National Policy.   This doesn't matter to Hillary, she is above the law.   One must wonder why Hillary wants to Socialize Health Care when every other Country in the World is trying to move away from failed Health Care plans exactly like Hillary's plan.
World Economy
Bill placed the Community Redevelopment Act on steriods.   This Act originally came from Carter and was designed to encourage minority home ownership.   Because Bill was obsessed with multiculturalism, he forced Banks to provide loans to people who could not afford them.

At first Banks refused to provide these loans.   Bill created tough new regulations which forced lenders into these high risk loans or face stiff government penalties.

The Banks figured they had no choice and the FDIC would cover things when it all went wrong.   This was the birth of the credit default swap.   As we know now, these clever little packages served to destroy the World Economy.

Ok, ok, you want to blame this on Bush, as does Obama.   Sorry to tell you, this is all Bill's fault.   Bush tried 17 times to have Congress regulate Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.   Every time the Democrats blocked Bush.

Maybe these blocks had something to do with all that money from Fannie Mae to Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, John Kerry and many other Democrats.   Can you say Bribe?   One must ask why Fannie Mae, a Government Sponsored Enterprise, is making political donations in the first place?

Oh, did I just say Barack Obama took bribes?   Yes I did!

National Security
Lets rewind back to Clinton's presidency.   Loral and a few other businesses in space technology wanted to create launch bases in China.   In the United States, companies must have clearance from the military to do so.   The answer was always no.   We did not want to take a chance the Chinese could gain valuable missile technology.   That didn't stop Clinton, he moved the decision making to the Commerce Department.   The Commerce Department had no idea about the security risks involved and cleared the launch bases into China.

You'll never guess what happened.   Right, a few of the launches failed right off the pad.   By the time the recovery crew arrived on site, the missile guidance systems were missing.   Gee I wonder where they went.

Not long after these events the Chinese started testing long range missiles.   Something the Chinese had never done successfully until this time.   It wasn't long until the Chinese had missiles that could reach the shores of the United States.   And now the Chinese have missiles that can shoot down satellites.   Just another part of Clinton's long legacy.

Remember This?.

Bill Clinton did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky.   And the word "is" can be very confusing.

Thanks Bill, the World is now a better place, NOT!